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The Ciarnadoi: eco hotel in Italy

“The question was: traditional or modern? The Lorenz family decided to renovate but in a traditional way. The structure of the Ciarnadoi Eco Hotel in Italy has a clear architectural line: the quartzite stone of Luserna combined with the natural oak flooring dominate the wellness centre, the dining rooms, common areas, hallways and rooms.”

In Trentino-Alto Adige we are very attached to our own area and, consequently, to the heavy use of timber. We wanted, however, to avoid creating another hotel like so many others in the Dolomites. So, for our Design Hotel in Trentino, we chose to use the classic mountain materials, stone and wood, mostly larch, with the addition of stainless steel and glass. The intention was to recreate the Alpine-style in a modern way, taking advantage of technological progress while continuing to use local materials.

The lobby of the Ciarnadoi Design & Suite Hotel is bright and luminous and the pastel colours make guests feel immediately at ease. The open fireplace adds a touch of intimacy. The rooms are spacious and designed with great attention to details, while the suites have a large window through which the sunlight filters to gently awaken you in the morning.

Eco Hotel

The Ciarnadoi Eco Hotel in Italy was built to meet environmentally friendly criteria, sound, reasonable and moderate. The walls are made of Poroton clay bricks for maximum thermal and acoustic insulation. The windows are triple-glass with low emissivity and great attention has been given to achieving optimal acoustic insulation.

When considering environmental sustainability, moderation often offers the best solution. The aim is for maximum energy efficiency on the one hand, but on the other, a comfortable environment to live in. Otherwise we risk creating a “greenhouse” effect, and that is not what our Eco Hotel in Italy wants to offer to its guests. That's why, in addition to the external larch panelling, the most up-to-date energy-efficient door and window system available on the market, the best possible insulation and water-saving measures, a biomass central heating system will be in operation in 2017. Floors are all hypo-allergenic and carpet-free.

Air-conditioning is one of those unseen but very important commodities. A single machine is usually installed for air treatment. At the Hotel Ciarnadoi we have five. You will not experience any bad smells or be disturbed by air currents.

Our Eco Hotel is a member of the Electrical Consortium of Pozza di Fassa which produces clean electricity. The principle is simple: water flows downwards through a sluice to turn the turbines which in turn drive a generator which produces electricity. Exploitation of this force produces clean energy which is used, among others, by the Ciarnadoi Design & Suite Hotel.

We follow a strict recycling regime, if waste is properly divided very little non-recyclable residue remains and energy is saved. These are the real concrete factors that characterize the structure of an Eco Hotel that is truly environmentally friendly, more so than the standard certificates.

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