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Ciarnadoi: a family hotel in Val di Fassa

Moments of peace and relaxation in our family hotel in the Dolomites

Ciarnadoi is the ideal family hotel in Val di Fassa. The hotel is also perfect for friends who love spending holidays together in the mountains of the Dolomites.

Mattia, our guide, accompanies Hotel Ciarnadoi's guests on summer trips or winter activities almost every day. The environment itself and the unique mountain atmosphere help create harmony between people with common interests who share the same experiences together. The friendships that are formed are often kept up during the year and it's not rare for the same people to meet up again at Ciarnadoi at the same time.

The second week in January, for example, is dedicated to friendship. During this period, apart from the normal tables in the gourmet restaurant we prepare larger tables where the “Friends of the Hotel Ciarnadoi” can sit together. They are guests who made friends with other guests during their stay in our hotel. In the evening short films or photos of trips taken during the year are shown.

Activities and services for families

We know that with children you need plenty of space. Our hotel's suites are very spacious, ranging from 45 sq m upwards, with two bathrooms and two TVs.

Each suite in this fantastic family hotel in Val di Fassa has two bathrooms: one smaller and one larger. Ample space for play and kids entertainment is provided thanks to the three rooms available to them. They are free to let off steam without disturbing anyone.

A short distance from the family hotel, in the middle of the woods near Vallonga, there's a fitness trail and a small playground, and every year the calendar of activities is enriched by many new initiatives.

For winter sports lovers there's a modern ski storage room in the hotel. Each guest room has a corresponding locker with the same key, indispensable for sports equipment, ski boots and more. There is also a large washing area for washing ski boots when necessary and a workbench for ski maintenance. Always heated, you can also dry ski suits and other sportswear here.

In our family hotel in Val di Fassa you can choose from:

In addition there is a discount for entry to the adventure parks (Dolomiti Action Adventure Park of Campitello di Fassa, Adventure Park Piciocaa and Acropark Sauta Martin of Pozza di Fassa) and to the minigolf course (Fantolin Golf of Moena and Minigolf Panorama of Pozza di Fassa). Participating in these initiatives is easy and free, just ask for the Val di Fassa Card and sign up at the reception before 18.00 on the day preceding the activity.

Beds with child protection and high chairs that attach to the table are available free of charge. For a small additional fee you can also rent a backpack and a three-wheeled stroller.

That Ciarnadoi is one of the best family hotel in the Dolomites can also be seen in the care and attention we give to our younger guests. They can order from a special menu and will be served first so they can go to play in the game rooms, under the careful eye of a “babysitter”, to draw, watch cartoons, etc. so that their parents can finish their meal in peace. In the interests of hygiene, especially for children, we cannot accept pets.

12 good reasons to stay at the Hotel Ciarnadoi

1. Unbeatable value for money

The Hotel Ciarnadoi probably offers the best value for money of all the hotels in the Val di Fassa. No hotel with the same characteristics offers better rates especially for week-long stays from Saturday to Saturday.

2. Your kids deserve attention

Kids are welcome at the Ciarnadoi. There is a swimming pool and jacuzzi especially for them in the wellness centre, as well as two game rooms and a lounge with a big screen.

3. Relaxation, wellbeing, pampering

If you feel the need to spend a few moments of relaxation and total well-being don't miss out on our wellness area with saunas and swimming pools, pamper yourself with our special facial and body treatments.

4. Enjoy a dream suite with your loved ones

TWENTYFIVE spacious bright Suites ranging from 45 to 65 sq m.

Sleeping well is really important and your night sleep should be of the best possible quality especially on holiday. A rested body is the prerequisite to the full enjoyment of a day dedicated to your well-being. In our suites, the third/fourth person sleeps on normal beds and not on extra beds that take up space. The suites feature a stove corner with seating and a lounge area with sofas, two TVs and a panoramic balcony. No rooms filled with unnecessary frills, we offer comfortable rooms with the warmth of natural wood furnishings, studied down to the last detail to facilitate cleaning and for maximum storage in the wardrobes.

5. Mountain spring water

We have never liked to drink water from the bathroom tap. Moreover Vigo boasts of a very light pure natural spring water, and it seemed only right to us to make the most of it. The Hotel Ciarnadoi has, in fact, installed beautiful drinking fountains with mountain spring water in almost all the suites

6. Bathrooms are really important

At the Ciarnadoi hotel the bathrooms range in size from 6 to 9 sq m, two for each suite. One larger and one smaller. They can be used simultaneously by various family members. Dream shower cabins.

7. The quality of the holiday is measured at the table

We believe that, without being presumptuous, the Hotel Ciarnadoi offers one of the best cuisines in the Val di Fassa. Gourmet menu, innovative dishes, a buffet full of salads, cooked and raw vegetables and starters. Buffet breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner. Italian evening, Ladin evening and cocktail evenings.

Children's menu, dishes for celiacs, vegetarians, vegans and we cater for various kinds of food intolerance.

8. The pearl of Ciarnadoi

Between heaven and earth, terrace-solarium on the 4th floor with sun loungers.

9. Parents are on holiday too

At the Ciarnadoi we think that parents should be able to enjoy some time for themselves. In the evenings from eight o'clock onwards a “babysitter” in the game rooms will look after the children who have finished eating so that their parents can finish their meal in peace and intimacy.

10. A smile doesn't cost anything, many smiles are worth a king's ransom…

No long faces, but the contagious good humour of Mattia, Magda and all the Ciarnadoi staff, happy to welcome you in this beautiful hotel. We will try to satisfy your every wish. And if after your first visit you still have some more in store, come back and we will try to satisfy those too.

11. The added value of Ciarnadoi is all the info we can give you

We are prompt in giving information to our guests about everything: Mattia, ski instructor and mountain hiking guide, knows the Val di Fassa and its valleys like the back of his hand. He will show you the most remote corners. He will give you the most appropriate advice, personalized for you and your family, for whatever type of activity you wish to try in Val di Fassa, in Val di Fiemme, Val Gardena, Val Badia, in Trentino and in Alto Adige too. You can even call us on your mobile phone if you have any doubts along the way. We will know how to give you a detailed response.

12. The Val di Fassa, land of the “Ladins”. The most ancient people of the Dolomites and Trentino Alto Adige.

The Lorenz-Bora family is proud of its Ladin roots. The inhabitants of the Dolomites are the Ladins and they are the most ancient people in Trentino Alto Adige, before the arrival of the Germans and Italians. At Ciarnadoi we will try to introduce you to the Val di Fassa, its culture and its territory. A true Ladin family who speaks authentic ”Brach” and ”Cazet” will welcome you.

The Hotel Ciarnadoi offers its guests free entrance to the Ladin Museum in Vigo di Fassa