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Hotel SPA in Val di Fassa: our beauty treatments and massages

"Be kind to your body, so that the soul is willing to live there."

Well-being comes from accepting one's own body and the care one takes to improve its appearance. Self confidence is directly proportionate to the conviction of being likeable and above all of liking oneself. The treatments proposed by our SPA hotel in Val di Fassa help improve the body's appearance, working specifically on face care, care of the body, legs, feet and hands.

We have many treatments at your disposal, like for example, hair removal, manicures and pedicures. All treatments are given by highly trained staff, qualified and willing, using the best quality natural products and cosmetics. Book your treatments directly from home; you can choose in advance the times that suit you best. If you are looking for a hotel with SPA in Val di Fassa the Ciarnadoi is definitely the place for you.

Massages and beauty treatments