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Lounge bar, living room area, stube

A relaxing environment with a pleasant welcoming atmosphere. You can relax on your own or in the company of friends. Simply chatting, or having more profound conversations. The Ciarnadoi bar is a meeting place to enjoy an after dinner coffee near the open fire, exchanging impressions on the day's events or making plans for the following one.

The bar offers numerous cocktails and spirits, each served with its appropriate accompaniment: pears in syrup with Williams, Javablond chocolate (70% Criollo cocoa) with rum (aged rum) or brandy, or fine aged cognac served in a heated glass. Chocolate coated candied orange peel with sips of Courvoisier, Grand Marnier poured onto the pulp of oranges, or plums with “Pflaumi” liqueur.

Every week there's a theme evening with tastings of long drinks like Mojito or Caipirihna.