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Elegance, tradition and modernity
Design & Suite Hotel

Beauty treatments
at the Spa Hotel in Trentino

"Be kind to your body, so that the soul will want to inhabit it."

Don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy life’s pleasures.

Well-being helps you to rediscover the joy of living; massages help you to discover new sensations; let yourself go and be pampered by expert hands and stress will disappear. Treatments will invigorate your body, face, torso and legs. You will feel a sensation of lightness you have never felt before. Your skin will shine with a new light. You will feel and look younger.

Well-being also passes through the acceptance of one's own body and the care taken to improve its appearance, even with specific treatments. Self-confidence is directly proportional to being liked but above all of liking oneself.

The treatments on offer at our spa hotel in Trentino - South Tyrol help to improve the body’s appearance  with specific attention paid to the face, the torso, legs, feet and hands and are all carried out by high-level,  qualified staff using high quality products and cosmetics.

COUPLES. Treat yourself and your other half to a couple’s massage.  It is a gesture of attention and affection that will strengthen your relationship.  If you wish you can order a bottle of spumante and chocolates to be found in your room after…