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Prices and conditions of rooms and suites

Prices per Person/Night. Stay of 7 nights Sat.-Sat. or Sun.-Sun.

RoomSEASON: WinterSEASON: Summer
Room Sas 11 da 85 a 150 € da 85 a 120 €
Room Saslonch da 82 a 140 € da 82 a 115 €
Room Vael da 80 a 130 € da 80 a 115 €
Sela suite da 100 a 180 € da 100 a 150 €
Piz Meda suite da 90 a 160 € da 90 a 140 €
Bufaure suite da 95 a 170 € da 95 a 145 €
Sas da le 12 suite da 350 a 600 € da 350 a 600 €
Marmolada suite da 92 a 170 € da 92 a 150 €
Pociace suite da 90 a 160 € da 90 a 150 €

Prices are for person/night. Stay of 7 nights from Saturday to Saturday, or from Sunday to Sunday.

Minimum price is about low season periods (es for ex. January or June). Short stay, high season, other periods, price changes.

Booking terms and condition

Prices – Payment

Prices are dynamic and change depending by request and promotions of the moment. Prices are structured in order to be the reservation cheaper, if it follows the suggested periods or usually the week fro Saturday to Saturday. Normally, the advanced reservation are cheaper, as well.

The price grows, as the availability decreases; even after few days, or along the same day. Pay attention not to pass up your offer; don't risk not to reserve the preferred accommodation, or to pay it more! Preference will be given to the confirmations in chronological order as those  arrive.

Offers refer to limited availability and limited periods. Usually the offers are valid for the next 12 hours except if different indicated. Offers are not retroactive neither applicable to accommodations already booked. Those guests who foresee to spend the most time during activities outdoor, and don't need the space and comfort of a suite, may also reserve a standard room (as Saslonch, Vael, Zigolade, Sas Piat or Ciampedie); standard rooms are less panoramic, with no landscape in front of, but a little cheaper.

The Saturday-Saturday periods of the Snow Weeks and in the Summer(or the suggested periods) are the cheapest.

We accept Cash, Bank Transfer (in advance), Debit Card or Credit Card (American Express or Diners are NOT accepted). Payments are due on the day of arrival or the day after. Any extras can be paid the day of departure after breakfast.


Ciarnadoi aim to be an oasis of wellness and relaxation in the Dolomites. For the purpose of a good cohabitation, we ask parents to take care of the behaviour of their own children.


In order to confirm the reservation, a  written confirmation is needed. Will follow a DEPOSIT (THE Hotel must give confirmation of receipt) of 1/3 of the total amount through bank remittance, to: "Lorenz Otto Hotel Ciarnadoi" - strada Veia 2 - 38039 Vigo di Fassa (TN) Italy. Bank:  Cassa Raiffeisen Schlern-Rosengarten/Sciliar-Catinaccio, Filiale Vigo, strada Rezia.

IBAN: IT 18 W 08065 35780 00030 8262276

Remember to write "DEPOSIT" on the bank transfer causal. The transfer has to be done in the next 24h after  the confirmation. 

Booking cancellation policy

For reservation cancellation please read the following conditions:

Attention: mind that for delayed arrival, early departure, less guests  than reserved, not consumed meals, any kind of discount, reduction or refund is provided. Meals may not be interchanged each other (es. brakfast of the arrival day, with breakfast of departure day).

With the reservation and the payment of the deposit by the guest, the agreement is confirmed and all this norms are finally confirmed and accepted.

In order to avoid the loss of money due to cancellation or early interruption of the holiday, we suggest heartly to provide a Travel Insurance. Every Insurance Company does several proposes.

We understand the deseas of an unpleasant event, but the hotel is a company and may not nor should not take charge of risks that aren't of its competence; the hotel cannot give up proceeds necessary for a correct economic management.