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Restaurant for celiacs: vegetarian, vegan and food intolerance choices

Gluten-free cuisine for special guests

Nowadays digestive disease and dysfunction regarding food assimilation is becoming more and more widespread. Whether because of a more polluted world, or because we don't eat what our grandparents ate, certain people manifest reactions of intolerance that may even have serious consequences. Others, by choice, avoid certain foods or do not want to eat products of animal origin.

For these people the hotel Ciarnadoi has always provided a restaurant suitable for celiacs. Gluten-free cuisine, for those with dairy intolerance, vegetarians, vegans, dishes for all kinds of diets. The gluten-free cuisine of Ciarnadoi offers tasty, varied dishes which hardly differ from their non gluten-free counterparts. With special dietary needs you are welcome at Ciarnadoi.