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The perfect hotel to come skiing in the Dolomites

A fun-filled winter holiday in Trentino

Snow lovers will find Ciarnadoi the perfect hotel to stay in for skiing in the Dolomites. Whether you come for a winter week's holiday in Trentino, or just for a skiing weekend, our hotel is located in a truly strategic position in the middle of Val di Fassa. You can forget your car, you are already on the ski slopes. The shuttle will bring you in 2 minutes to the cableway Ciampedie and in 5 minutes to the Buffaure, door entrance to the Sella Ronda. In front of the hotel there is the bus stop for the ski bus to the Carezza Ski Area.

Skiing in the Dolomites you will enjoy breathtaking scenery in the most beautiful part of the Dolomites, UNESCO heritage site. During your winter week's holiday in Trentino you can take lessons to improve your skiing with a specialized ski instructor organized specially for the Design Hotel Ciarnadoi's guests. We have agreements with the Ski School of Vigo di Fassa and Passo Costalunga. Special rental rates, Sport Edy and Sport Planet.

Here are some of the hotel's activities for experienced skiers.

Alpine skiing and Snowboarding

Those who practice this sport love its speed and rhythmic zigzagging, or, if they are just beginners, the satisfaction of being able to keep their balance and descend the snowy slopes on two slats or a board. It's not easy, but you can learn quickly. Carvati skis are much more manageable than the old style skis and permit descents and curves even on icy surfaces, unthinkable up until recently. The snowboard technique has always been easier to master.

The following ski areas surround Ciarnadoi:

A fantastic choice of slopes all easily reached within 12 minutes at the most.

Off-piste skiing

The Val di Fassa, surrounded by as many as 5 mountain groups, Latemar, Catinaccio, Sassolungo-Sasso Piatto, Sella, Marmolada and Monzoni, offers an excellent variety of ski trails. We will give you all the details on how and where to access the slopes. Bruno, our Alpine Guide and Ski instructor will accompany the Ciarnadoi's guests on out-of-the-ordinary trails, along some of the most beautiful slopes in the world. You don't need to be champion skiers, just have a good basic technique to ski with immense satisfaction in the powdery light knee-high snow. The Val Mesdì, the Pordoi fork, the Val Lasties in the Sella Group, the Via Lidia in Marmolade or, after a descent on skins (equipment can be rented), the Forcia Rossa, the Antermoia lake, Sasso Piatto, in preference to the arduous Valacia fork (only for experts) and many more itineraries in the Dolomites of the Val di Fassa. Limited places.

Cross-country skiing

For those who enjoy peace and quiet, the woods, deep thoughts and solitary exertion, there are cross-country skiing trails that wind along the Val di Fassa, both for skating and the classic technique, from Marcialonga to Canazei and back to Predazzo, as well as around the rings of Fraine and the Carezza Pass.

Leisure and relaxation Hotel for non-skiers

Walk along beaten tracks, guided walks with snowshoes, rides on horse-drawn carriages, visits to the churches and museums of the valley, ice skating, sledding or complete relaxation in the hotel's wellness centre, are some of the activities that await non-skiers. Below these and other proposals you will find in our hotel:

Walks on the snow on beaten tracks

The Val di Fassa is the only valley in the Dolomites that can boast of as many as twelve secondary valleys. Many summer paths can be negotiated in winter too. You can't imagine how peaceful it is to walk in this season, towards Vael, Gardeccia, Val di Dona, Duron, Contrin, Fuciade, Monzoni and San Nicolò. In Val Duron you can sit near the mountain lodge and listen to the soft gurgling of the stream that runs nearby among the ice and snow. In winter the sounds are completely different from the summer, when the water seems to be alive, more chirpy and cheerful. Try it for yourself.


Free snowshoes are available at the hotel. At the reception you will find all the required information and useful advice on where to go, on the conditions of the trails and the snow. Twice a week there are outings in the Ciampedie area organized in collaboration with the Catinaccio cable car, difficulty level to suit potential participants. More demanding trips (including transport for an additional fee) are organized to the Carezza Pass, Gardeccia, Vajolet, in Val san Nicolò and Val Monzoni, and to the valleys of Contrin and Monzoni. You will be spoiled for choice.

Ice skating

Ice skating has been practiced for a long time in the north of Europe. Even in the Alps, on some frozen lakes, this kind of sport was practiced. In Val di Fassa we don't have suitable lakes for ice skating, but there are ice skating rinks in Pozza at the Catenaccio campsite, in Campitello in the sports area and in Alba at the Gianni Scola ice arena. Timetables and information at the reception.

Sunbathing terrace

Winter, as you know, is miserly as regards sun. The cities are often foggy and it's not always sunny in the mountains. The hotel Ciarnadoi provides a sunbathing terrace with loungers on the fourth floor, closer to the sky, so you can take full advantage of the sun up until the afternoon. Will your tan only be on the face and neck? Oh well, at least it will be proof that you've been in a healthy place like the mountains of Val di Fassa in the Dolomites.