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Wellness Hotel in Val di Fassa: swimming pools sauna and relaxation

Discover our SPA in Vigo di Fassa


Saunas of the Ciarnadoi, wellness hotel in Val di Fassa, are perfect for eliminating toxins, regenerating the skin and stimulating the vascular system. Heat restores muscle tone reducing stress and tension. Sweating takes away tiredness and eliminates dry skin particles. Immerse yourself in the fabulous wellness treatment of our wellness hotel in Val di Fassa that foresees the use of various cabins and pools following a planned sequence to optimize the feeling of well-being. Access to the sauna area is reserved to over 18's. The swimming pools and jacuzzi are available to our younger guests in the swimming pool area.

Tepidarium “Spruce” Sauna – seats 18

In spruce wood with luminous light tones, very spacious, seats 18. Temperature 60°-65°, humidity 30%.

Nero Assoluto Jacuzzi

Water jet massages help release muscle tension. Seats 8.

“Absolute” Relaxation room

You can rest on loungers in a room with subdued lighting. Want to take a nap? Relaxation is that too.

“Hemlok” Biosauna with herbs

Damp sauna with floral or aromatic herbal essences. Temperature 55°, humidity 60%. Seats 8.

Ice fountain

The friction of ice on the skin improves blood circulation.

Aromatic Turkish bath

Excellent for skin and hair care and beneficial for the respiratory organs. The temperature is about 42°-46°, and the density of the aromatic vapour is optimal for detoxifying the body. Seats 10.

"Comfort" Relaxation room with swimming pool view

Soft lighting, adjustable loungers.

“Larch” Finnish sauna

The hottest and most effective sauna to open the pores of the skin, and hence, for skin care. Larch wood is one of the most “inert” essences, it accumulates heat and retains it for a long time and the ancient hay barns of Fassa were built with the trunks of Larch trees. Temperature ranges between 85° and 95°, humidity 10%. Seats 11.

“Swiss pine” reading room with swimming pool view

Pinewood armchairs (known for its stimulating effects on the circulatory system) which give off an intense aroma and donate a sensation of well-being while you enjoy a good read.

Drinking fountain with pure mountain spring water

Water is the primordial element par excellence. From it springs life and our body is mostly made up of it. After the sauna treatment your body needs liquids. You can choose between a refreshing drink and the most precious liquid on the earth, water. The waters source is high in the mountains in the Vael basin at 2200 m above sea level.


Large swimming pool 18x5 m

The swimming pool is open from 7.00 in the morning. It's long enough for length swimming, without the constant interruption to you swimming rhythm of a shorter pool. Temperature 29-31 °C. The temperature of the water is slightly less warm than the water in the other pools to favour physical exercise that doesn't stress the body.

Waterfall Quartzite hydromassage

The brightness of the quartzite stone and the purity of the mountain water create clear relaxing reflections. Lower back massage and aeromassage on the seating area relax the back and legs. The high pressure jets on the calves and thighs are specifically designed to massage and soften tense leg muscles. Use of swimming costumes is compulsory. Seats 8.

Kids Swimming Pool

The pool is suitable for playing and learning to swim. The height of water is 40 cm.