Your safety is our first priority. For this reason, some precautions are taken to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

The measures described below are useful to ensure a safe and relaxing holiday. They comply with the legal provisions in force in the Autonomous Province of Trento.


All staff members disinfect their hands regularly. Our staff have been properly trained and take all necessary precautions all times to ensure everyone's safety. Hygiene and cleanliness have always been a priority.

There are hand sanitiser dispensers in the hotel. The surfaces in common areas are cleaned and disinfected several times a day. There is good ventilation in all rooms.

A face mask is reccommended in all common areas: corridors, bar, restaurant, stairs, lift. 

Tables and surfaces are also regularly disinfected. Table linen are washed and sanitised by an external company, which has already communicated its protocols for ensuring fabric hygiene.


Check-in: you can send us your registration details from your home, online, using the forms we have already used.

Check-out: In order to shorten the time spent at reception, we will send you an overview of your bill in advance by e-mail if you wish.

Please observe the minimum distance markings, which must always be 1 metre between the guest and reception.

POS and room-opening cards are disinfected after each guest's use.


Each room is disinfected before the arrival of a new guest. During the daily cleaning all surfaces are disinfected and the room ventilated.

We ask our guests to wash their hands thoroughly before leaving the room and to leave the window open.


The restaurant is cleaned and disinfected at scheduled intervals.

On request, breakfast and dinner are served in your room at an extra charge. Please contact the Reception for further information.

In the kitchen everything is prepared with the utmost care and attention. Surfaces are regularly disinfected.

At the buffet it is recommended to wear a mask, disinfecting the hands at every access and maintaining the interpersonal distance (2 metres).

Only one person per table is allowed in at a time. Children under 12 are not admitted.


Drinks are ordered and consumed preferably at the tables. 

The bar, including the tables, is cleaned and disinfected regularly.


BEAUTY TREATMENTS. Cabins and equipment are disinfected after each treatment. 

SAUNA. The heat of the sauna and the hot steam of the Turkish bath do not allow the transmission of the virus.

Saunas can be used simultaneously by people living together and by people occupying the same room.

Use of the saunas is by reservation, according to the number of guests in the area. Minimum interpersonal distances must be respected when meeting other guests.

SWIMMING POOLS AND WHIRLPOOLS. Normal chlorination of bathing water prevents the transmission of the Coronavirus through water. Swimming pool and whirlpools can be used if the minimum distance between people is 2 metres. As usual, people living together and/or occupying the same room are not obliged to keep the distance.

The swimming pool can accommodate a maximum of 14 people at the same time.


Unfortunately, it is NOT possible to use the games halls.


Travel remains our shared passion and the carefree planning of your trip is our priority.

Due to Coronavirus-related causes, stays may be cancelled or postponed free of charge up to 5 days prior to arrival: National/interregional border closures, Increased national outbreaks, Restrictions enacted by governmental authorities.


Our anti Covid-19 guidelines are adapted to WHO recommendations and regional and national health regulations.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

The hotel will promptly adopt any future changes made by the competent authorities. It is everyone's hope that the measures can be gradually relaxed and you can fully enjoy every opportunity your holiday has to offer.

See you soon, Fam. Lorenz and the Ciarnadoi staff.