A Classy Culinary experience

in the Gourmet Restaurant at the Ciarnadoi

Our objectives are well-being, sustainability and a multi-sensorial cuisine: every dish is prepared with healthy and genuine ingredients that delight the senses of smell and taste as well-being pleasing to the eye. In line with the trend to eat lightly and consequently to consume more vegetables with the buffet we try to serve lots of vegetables prepared in various ways. Our menus are inspired by Italian cuisine with an emphasis on rediscovering traditional local dishes.

We purchase our ingredients as much as possible from local producers and farmers in the area and then use our common to sense to buy produce that is grown and produced as close as possible with an “intelligent” view of where things come from. Excellent food is produced in the mountains: milk, butter, cheese, meat, mushrooms and salami, but there are specialities that Italy is famous for that must inevitably be bought elsewhere such as Parmigiano-Reggiano, Parma Ham, Angus beef, Barolo or Brunello wines, Pachino tomatoes, onions from Tropea and fresh fish to name just a few. In short even in this field we avoid being too extreme and use our common sense.

Members of the kitchen staff have accumulated extensive experience in prestigious hotels and restaurants. They are all young and enthusiastic. They are supported by a high-tech kitchen and high-quality raw materials.

Unlike almost all other hotels you can visit the kitchen at any time; chefs (just like the rest of us…) like to receive compliments for a job well-done; gratification is important!


7:30 - 9:30

The day in one of the best restaurants in the Dolomites starts with an abundant breakfast buffet: different types of croissants and brioches, various types of bread, plum cakes and homemade cakes, fresh fruit, fruit in syrup and conserves, muesli, two types of yogurt, warm Nutella, different types of salami, cheese, warm scrambled eggs, bacon, hard-boiled and poached eggs. Freshly squeezed orange juice in the winter, fruit juice, all types of tea, American coffee, cold and warm milk and Ginseng and barley coffee.

Have we forgotten anything? Visit us and help us find out.

Organic corner... Why settle for less?

Why create an “ORGANIC corner” like in many other places? You always have to do your best at 360 degrees. In our Restaurant, one of the best in the Dolomites, we pay special attention to all our ingredients not only those in the special corner... For example the jams and marmalades at the Ciarnadoi are all homemade using organic fruit: small fruits from Trentino, peaches from Romagna, plums from Dro, strawberries from Val Martello and apricots from Val Venosta… the reviews of our guests perfectly convey the idea of the goodness of the cuisine at the Ciarnadoi.


Do you want to take it easy and prefer to stay in the hotel? You can book lunch in our restaurant Val di Fassa for 12.30: we serve a simple menu that can be chosen in the morning at breakfast.

PFor your excursions you can always order a Packed Lunch.

Afternoon Snacks

15:30 - 16:30

In the afternoon we prepare different snacks every day such as delicious homemade cakes and desserts, Strudel with vanilla sauce or whipped cream and much much more…

Gourmet dinner

19:00 - 22:00

In the evening there is a gourmet menu of 5-6 courses. In addition to the menu served and the buffet there is a further choice of starters, hot appetisers, cooked and raw vegetables and local cheeses with conserves and mostarda.

The Wine Cellar

Did you know that the higher you go the better the wine tastes?

Maybe this is the reason that a symposium on wine is held in the middle of October in Sass Pordoi to which all the best wineries in the area are invited. It is possible to take part in wine tastings by taking the shuttle to Passo Pordoi and then the cable car to Sass Pordoi (you can even go on foot: on the way down however we strongly recommend you take the cable car…)

In our Restaurant, one of the best in the Dolomites, the wine list you can choose from to select the most suitable one to accompany your meal is extremely interesting. It includes labels from all over Italy but mainly focuses on those from Trentino- South Tyrol: red, white, rosé and spumante that can easily rival more famous Italian or French alternatives. To ensure that the wines can be enjoyed to accompany different dishes it is possible to order just a glass instead of the whole bottle for some labels.

We have always been attentive to your needs
hotel con ristorante per celiaci val di fassa
hotel con ristorante vegetariano val di fassa

Special Dietary Requirements

Nowadays people who cannot eat certain foods or have digestive system disorders are increasingly numerous. Whether this is because the world is more polluted or because we eat different foods to those of our grandparents, many people have certain food intolerances that can be very serious in some cases. Other people by choice do not eat certain foods or any animal products.

Gluten-free cuisine

Here at the Ciarnadoi Hotel we have always served gluten-free dishes in our restaurant and more: dishes for intolerants, vegetarian dishes and dishes for every particular type of diet. The gluten-free cuisine at the Ciarnadoi includes a variety of delicious dishes that are not so different to those with gluten. We are happy to welcome all people with special dietary needs.

Vegetarian Dishes

For those that do not eat meat or fish there is always at least one vegetarian dish on the menu every day. Without forgetting cheese, different kinds of vegetables, salads and other appetisers on the buffet…

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