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    Discovering Vigo and Val di Fassa

    If you are planning to spend your holiday in Trentino South Tyrol Vigo and Val di Fassa are probably one of the most beautiful areas you could ever visit. The village of Vigo di Fassa, located on a large, terraced area overlooking the entire valley from Cima Dodici to Sas Aut to the front of the village right up to Sella, Sassolungo, Sasso Piatto, the Marmolada and the Roda di Vael in the Catinaccio mountain range.

    igo di Fassa is the historical capital of Valle di Fassa, the seat of "Judice" and the "Rectory" and home to the Ladin Museum and the Ladin Cultural Institute; the centre for the study and protection of Ladin Culture. The Ladin language is the official administrative language of the Ladin Community in Fassa, the “Comun General de Fascia”. During your holiday in Val di Fassa you can also visit the villages of San Giovanni, Larzonei, Vallonga and Tamion, minor settlements that still preserve some interesting examples of Ladin architecture.

    Vigo di Fassa, since the 2nd of July 2017 has been recognised as one of the 250 “Most beautiful villages in Italy”.

    Summer or winter?
    estate in val di fassa
    inverno in val di fassa

    Val di Fassa top destination
    all year round

    Excursions and activities of all kinds in the summer, skiing, skating and snowshoeing in winter. A modern cable car direct from the village takes you to the natural terrace of Ciampedìe at 2000 m above sea level.

    Some numbers
    on Val di Fassa

    If you are thinking about spending your holiday in Val di Fassa you are making the right choice from all points of view considering that….

    12 side valleys

    Val di Fassa is the only Alpine Dolomite Valley that has an astounding 12 side valleys that are all connected (Vael, Vajolet, Udai, Dona, Duron, Antermont, Fedaia, Contrin, Grepa, san Nicolò, Monzoni, San Pellegrino).

    40 km cycle lane

    A 40 km cycle lane to Molina (return can be effortless with the Bici-Bus,...); there is an affiliated shop for bike and E-bike hire.

    Three Down Hill trails

    Three Down Hill trails for Bikers: Lusia, Carezza, Belvedere.

    5 Passes

    Val di Fassa is the only valley that has 5 Passes connected to the other Alpine Dolomite Valleys: Carezza, Sella, Pordoi, Fedaia, San Pellegrino.

    6 Dolomite Mountain Ranges

    Val di Fassa is surrounded by 6 Dolomite Mountain Ranges: Catinaccio, Sassolungo-Sassopiatto, Sella, Marmolada, Monzoni, Latemar.

    12 via-ferratas

    Santner, Antermoia, Laurenzi, Schuster, Pössenecker, Piazzetta, Marmolada, Colac, Col Ombert, Bepi Zac, i Magnifici 4, Gadotti.

    29 ski lifts

    (that can be used at a discount with the Panorama-Pass) open in the summer

    2 Adventure Parks

    Piciocaa in Pozza di Fassa and Dolomiti Action in Campitello di Fassa + Fly Line “flying through nature”, al Ciampedie

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